Design & Build Services

Design & Build Services

Any complex construction project requires a fine balance between the elements of time, quality and cost, which may frequently be achieved best by the design team, from the earliest stages of project planning. ZIONARCH delivers Design-Build Services, which simplify and expedite the process of project delivery, while also offering an innovative and cost effective solution.

The building industry and the design specialists have conceived several approaches to project delivery with the fundamental goal of managing projects in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost and at a superior quality and performance standard. In Design-Build Services, Constructor provides professional services for the project completion and undertakes the professional accountability and civil liability for both design and construction.

Our Role

While delivering Design-Build Services, the design & planning team assumes the following administrative tasks:

  • Preparation of Complete Design work which will cover the entire Architectural / Structural / Mechanical (A/C)/ Electrical and Plumbing Design services.
  • Preparation of schedule of work, program and estimates of materials, labour, transportation, equipment and services;
  • Organizing and hiring of construction personnel, designation of duties and remunerations;
  • Negotiation and entering into contract with commission contractors and evaluation of work accomplishments there under;
  • Procurement of materials, plants and equipment, licenses and permits;
  • Authorizing and undertaking payments of accounts;
  • Keeping records and books of accounts;
  • Negotiation with Government and private organizations having jurisdiction over the project;
  • Managing all other business transactions related to the project construction/implementation